We Don't Back Down (Lyrics)

(K. Wells Verse)
If u say that I can't, Imma tell u I will
If u say that I ain't, on my momma I is
Im the best in my shoes, I'm the def of cool
I continue to win, Cuz I refuse to lose
My moment of clarity, won’t allow u to bury me
If u went back to the future
I’ll still be ahead of ya
U can't change my flow
If u don't already know
It's gone be hard for you
To break me down
My V.I.C.T.O.R.Y is so M.I.N.E
And my D.E.S.T.I.N.Y
Starts from right inside of me
How dare u haters, U can never stop me
So opposite of autumn leaves
So obviously
I never fall to the call of mediocracy
Cuz ize a winner

We don’t Back Down
We don’t stumble
We don’t fumble
We never Fall
We go harder
You can’t guard us
When our backs up against the wall
We don’t Back Down
We gon fight now
The time is right now
We standing tall
We hit home runs
We hit grand slams
We knocking this one out the park

(China Verse)
I was born n the hood
I was raised by the streets
Never had it good
I had to grind on my feet
I went thru it for a reason
Victory bitter sweet
Let's not compare stories
You don't wanna compete
I understand life n death
Understand misery
Understand pain
But don't understand defeat
U wanna know my history
Man I've been thru it all
I even stand when I pray
Cuz I refuse to crawl

I love it when my back's against the wall
You can push hard but I will never fall
Cuz in a moment imma change it all
I'm blessed blessed yall
A yes yes yall
No question if I'm gonna rise or fall
Soldiers stand up this is role call
And if it's all or nothin
Then I want it all...

(BooMan Verse)
Never will I back down
Ain't got time to clown
I got kids to raise
I got bills to pay
I took a look n the mirror
I couldn't stand me
I was cursed from birth
I killed that plan G
I see my future in my hand
So I gotta make a stand
Can't nothing hold my back
When I'm steady moving forward
Got the world on my shoulders
and I'm still fighting for it
Yall fools betta know it